Region of Peel waste collection is offering unlimited garbage pickup this September to Brampton and Mississauga residents after the Labour Day long weekend.

The Region offers unlimited curbside pickup twice a year to allow residents to dispose of any garbage that has built up oveertime, and to avoid service delays from holidays due to higher than normal volumes of waste.

From September 16 to 29 you’ll be able to place as many bags of garbage as you want at the curb on your designated pickup day.

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Residents can place their regular garbage carts, as well as excess bags without tags, on the curb. You can even leave items like furniture and other acceptable household items.

Appliances, electronics, metals and other items that need to be taken to local recycling centres still won’t be allowed. Also, bags must not exceed 44 pounds or be larger than 26 inches wide and 35 inches high–or smaller than 12 inches wide and 12 inches high.

Three feet of space should be placed between garbage carts and bags and should only be placed at the curb on garbage days, not recycling days.

The Region of Peel advises residents to but smaller items in garbage bags, and place larger items separately on the curb

Click here to find out more about what garbage is deemed acceptable and to see your garbage pickup days.