Brampton…You Are Moving on Up with Sunnier Days!

April 11, 2021 (2 Minute Read)


Brampton is the 13th Best Community to live, work and play in Canada and 5th Best in Ontario, as deemed by Macleans Magazine this year. The categories of community engagement, amenities (such as restaurants), and internet connection catapulted Brampton to the top. Sunnier days also helped the climb.

In Ontario, only St. Thomas, Belleville, Cornwall, and Toronto achieved higher scores than Brampton. The City of Mississauga was ranked 183rd, and the Town of Caledon ranked 257th.

The ranking is quite a bit of a jump, where Brampton moved from 199th to 13th in comparison to 415 communities. Brampton is patting themselves on the back as just a few months ago, the City was also recognized as one of Canada’s best employers by Forbes Magazine.

The Methodology

Macleans Magazine uses several weighted categories to determine a community’s rank. These categories are:

  • Housing Affordability (19 points)
  • Taxes (property 2 points, income 7 points)
  • Crime (7 points)
  • Weather (17 points)
  • Health (Availability of specialists 4 points, family doctors 3 points, hospital 4 points)
  • Amenities (Restaurants 4 points, Airports, 2 points)
  • Population Growth (6 points)
  • Community Involvement (Engaged residents 7 points)
  • Internet Quality (14 points).

A detailed description of the methodology can be found on their website. 

The Numbers

CategoryBrampton MississaugaCaledon
Average Property Value$676,567$727,839$825,411
% of Property Tax Versus Income2.22.32.4
Family Average Provincial Tax Rate444444
Number of Days with Rain or Snow145126151
Days per Year Above 0 Celsius228242194
Days per Year Above 20 Celsius122102105
Crime Index (5-Year Average)*454528
Doctors Per 100,000 Residents37362728
Number of Household Members Able to Connect on a Single Connection14128
*Lower Number is Better


As per the City’s media release, Mayor Patrick Brown states, “Brampton is a safe, sustainable and successful City and I am incredibly proud to be recognized by Maclean’s as not only one of Canada’s Best Communities, but to climb to spot #13 up from #199 in a single year. We are continuing to build a thriving city for our residents that is connected, sustainable, inclusive and positioned for further economic growth and job creation.”