La Catrina Mexican Restaurant opened its doors in 2014, much to the joy of Mexican food lovers, and everyone who had enjoyed their delicious eats at the Farmer’s Market for years.

Sadly, the restaurant shut its doors on December 31, citing lack of foot traffic and high rent prices as two of the reasons for the closure.

The restaurant, run by a couple from Acapulco, Mexico, served up authentic dishes like mole, ceviche, carnitas and more. After years of serving customers at Brampton’s Farmer’s Market, the couple made the jump to a brick-and-mortar restaurant after years of being asked by regulars. They did it, wanting to bring authentic Mexican flavours to a greater number of people.

It was well-loved by Bramptonians, but one of the challenges of downtown Brampton is the lack of foot traffic. On top of that, the high rent, which sits around $4,000 per month for many of the storefronts and restaurants downtown, was another issue.

Now that the restaurant is closed, Brampton is back to the days of Tex Mex burrito joints, of which we have plenty, but none a true representation of authentic Mexican food.

Brampton’s food scene won’t be the same without La Catrina.