January 22, 2024In April 2020, as a response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, the City of Brampton introduced the Backyard Garden Program, marking a pioneering initiative in Canada. This program, an extension of the City’s existing Community Gardens program, has since become an integral part of the community’s efforts to promote sustainability and enhance local food security.

Mayor Patrick Brown remarked, “As we kick off the fifth year of the Brampton Backyard Garden Program, I’m thrilled to see the continued growth of this eco-friendly initiative. By empowering participants to grow their own gardens, we are promoting sustainability and helping to improve local food security. Thank you to our sponsors for making this program thrive. Let’s come together, nurture our green spaces, and make a positive impact on Brampton’s well-being.”

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown and Regional Councillor (Wards 1 & 5) Rowena Santos

Backing up this sentiment, Councillor Rowena Santos, Chair of the Community Services Committee which oversees this program, emphasized, “The Backyard Garden Program has truly become a vibrant display of our community’s strength and collaboration. It is heartening to see residents embracing the opportunity to grow their own food, share their harvests, and support those in need. I encourage everyone to join this enriching experience, and dig into creating a stronger, more connected Brampton.”

Residents are urged to contribute homegrown crops to local food banks and community organizations listed on the City’s website. In 2023, the program yielded a remarkable 4,000 lbs of donated produce from April to October, contributing to the overall tally of nearly 30,000 lbs since 2020.

Join the Green Movement:

Residents eager to join the green movement can register online starting February 1 at www.brampton.ca/backyardgarden. A complimentary garden sampler seed kit and five bags of soil will be provided to participants, with deliveries slated to begin by the end of March. Act fast, as the application window closes once 3,000 participants have enrolled, and the program is exclusively open to new participants.

Backyard Garden Club e-newsletter Cultivates Community Connection:

For those with a passion for gardening, the Backyard Garden Club e-newsletter awaits. This monthly digest serves up a rich blend of gardening information, a Q&A section, expert advice, and exclusive offers. Community partners, including the Brampton Horticultural Society, add their expertise to this shared gardening journey.

Sponsors Cultivating Success:

The success of the Backyard Garden Program is indebted to its sponsors: Scotts Canada, Fieldgate Developments, Mattamy Homes, and Paradise Developments. As Brampton gears up for another year of cultivating connections and fostering sustainability, residents are encouraged to use #BramptonBackyardGarden on social media to share their gardening triumphs.

The City also has video like the one below with useful gardening tips for the novice and expert gardener alike. They can be found on the City’s ‘Backyard Garden Program’ website.

In a city where green thumbs unite, the Backyard Garden Program continues to blossom, offering a tangible way for residents to cultivate both their gardens and community bonds.