December 19, 2023 – The electric hum of success echoes through Brampton as the 2023 E-Scooter Pilot Program concludes its debut season, leaving behind trails of 415,000 kilometers traveled and a community of 110,000 enthusiastic riders. The city wants to hear from you – the ones who embraced this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Your E-Scooter Stories Wanted!

Did you grab the handlebars of one of the 750 e-scooters zipping around Brampton? Whether your trips were for work, transit, or just the thrill of it, the City is eager to hear about your experiences. Share your thoughts, insights, and even photos by shooting an email to

Your feedback is the driving force behind improvements, ensuring the E-Scooter Pilot Program aligns with the needs of the Brampton community. Stay tuned for the return of these electric rides next spring!

Navigating the E-Scooter Journey

The E-Scooter Pilot Program, a response to Ontario’s 5-year pilot project, kicked off in January 2020. The journey, carefully mapped through research, procurement, and implementation phases, aimed to assess the impact of micromobility in Brampton.

If you want to start planning your routes for next year, you can explore Brampton’s Cycling Map to find trails and paths all over the city.

Meet Your Operators

Bird Canada, Neuron Mobility, and Scooty Mobility emerged victorious through a competitive process to operate shared e-scooters. Each operator can deploy up to 250 e-scooters, offering a convenient and green travel option from April to November.

Encountering issues or curious about the ins and outs of e-scooter operation? Reach out directly to the operators:

Safety in the Fast Lane

Riding within the boundaries of provincial and city by-laws, e-scooters boast a max speed of 24 km/h, available for users aged 16 and above. While helmets are highly recommended, they’re mandatory for riders under 18.

E-scooters can only be used on roads with a posted speed limit of 50 km/h or less, bicycle lanes, and multi-use paths, but they are not allowed on sidewalks.

Program’s Cost to Taxpayers

Breathe easy, Brampton taxpayers – the E-Scooter Pilot Program bears no cost beyond administrative needs for procurement. Operators take charge of program operations and advertising.

Stay Tuned for More Scooter News!

As Brampton eagerly anticipates the return of e-scooters next spring, stay engaged with the city for updates, enhancements, and an even more exhilarating micromobility experience on the horizon!

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