Bust out those snow boot and winter jackets from storage if you haven’t already, and let them occupy prime real estate in the closet because the city is expected to experience its first snowfall this week.

Some clever residents have already stocked up on salt for their driveways and sidewalks, topped up on winter windshield wiper fluid, and swapped out their regular tires for winter tires on their car.  

The chill fall rains are making way for colder weather, and potentially damaging winds in the month of November.

Thursday, November 7, is forecasted to see an average of 4 degrees Celsius, according to The Weather Network, with a low of -1, with less than 1 cm of flurries persisting throughout the day.

Though this may not seem like a lot of precipitation, road-users, including pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and motorists, should adjust their schedules to allow for extra time and to use more care while travelling.

A previous forecast had predicted the first snowfall on Halloween instead. Though the trick-or-treaters were spared snow and flurries, they received consistent rain during the day and night, estimated at 50 mm, along with gusts of high winds.

With Brampton and Toronto known for suddenly fluctuating weather patterns, residents are advised to take time to prepare and take extra caution going outside this time of year.