The City of Brampton recently went through an extensive process to build a culture masterplan, and one of its priorities moving forward is investing in local arts, culture and community spaces.

To that end, the city recently launched a revitalization project to completely repurpose and revamp Lester B. Pearson Theatre (LBP).

LBP was built back in the 1970s as part of Bramalea and has since served hundreds of performance and community groups for productions and events.

LBP in 1973

Through the project, the city is investing $2.6. million to renovate the space, enhance its accessibility, upgrade technical equipment and create a more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming space.

As part of the plan, the lobby area near the theatre inside of the Civic Centre is also getting redesigned. It’s getting amphitheatre-style seating. The theatre lobby will also act as a community space or anyone visiting the Civic Centre.

The city’s Culture Master Plan and the 2040 Vision both call for more investments in arts, culture and community spaces. The revamp is one of the ways it’s working to meet that goal.

As part of the strategy, Cyril Clark Theatre recently underwent renovations, to create a more updated space and something more affordable for groups looking to put on small-scale performances. Once LBP is finished it will provide a second venue for local arts groups looking for smaller venue options outside of the Rose Theatre.

Once LBP is completed it will seat 415 and part of the theatre will act as a studio space for arts-related purposes like rehearsals and for the community to put on creative workshops and events.

LBP is currently closed for renovations. Construction begins this February and the theatre is slated to re-open to the public in the fall.