Board game lovers, this is not a drill. Brampton’s latest fun and entertainment spot, Wildcard Board Game Cafe, is opening this week.

The cafe says it will have over 200 board games, including everything from Monopoly and Scrabble to Settlers of Catan and the South Asian favourite Carrom.

The cafe will offer unlimited gameplay for guests age 10 and older at $7. It’s a family-friendly joint so kids under 10 are allowed at the cost of $4. If the space is full they’ll have a cap of 2 hours, and you can make reservations online.

The cafe wouldn’t be a cafe without some food and drinks to keep you fueled through your gameplay.

Wildcard’s menu is a mix of various cuisines with a focus on comfort food. They’ll have banh mi sandwiches, samosas, grilled cheese, and other homey favourites.

The menu will have a few unique offerings, including chocolate nachos, and some pretty decadent looking milkshakes.

Of course, they’ll also have the standard caffeinated beverages to keep you focused on the game at hand.

Wildcard officially opens to the public on December 7 at 48 Main Street North.