Brampton’s Savv Releases Provocative New Video About Suicide

In 2016, Savv surprised us with his project Blue, an obscure, experimental hip hop record that combines elements of boom bap, jazz, and blues.

The sound is simultaneously dismal and victorious, referencing the duality of the anti-depressant, and ultimately the nature of mental illness, to which the album refers. Savv gives us a deeply personal project, yet remains shrouded in mystery.

In his last music video, Comeback Blues, it was unclear whether the Brampton artist made an appearance at the end of the video as the man being tortured by a woman of ’60s aesthetic. You can watch the video below:

In his latest video, however, Savv disregards his typical subtlety and reveals his face in perhaps the most provocative way possible. In his controversial new music video  curiously titled I Wrote This Instead Of Killing Myself Blues, Savv details several ways in which he could, in fact, kill himself.

The song, accompanied by a quirky beat from Autumn Keys, is an exposition of Savv’s entanglement with profound sadness. What do you think of Savv’s artistic endeavour?

Savv’s lowest point served as the inspiration for some of his most illustrious creativity. The poetry of Blue is the that the dullness of depression can transform into beautiful iridescence.

Savv even has a tattoo of the pill on his left arm, not as a reminder of the insufferable pain, but as a reminder of the immeasurable creative potential he found within himself.

Savv’s deviation from the ethereal, trap sound of Toronto provides a refreshing experience to the listener. His attention to profound emotional experience and his ear for unique instrumentals makes the enigmatic Savv one of Brampton’s most fascinating listens.