Brampton’s Willy Wonka of Tea, Daniel Lewis, Shares His Inspiring Story

Daniel Lewis describes himself as the ‘founder and retail magician’ of T by Daniel, the highly successful tea shop in downtown Brampton. Daniel describes the brand as ‘Calvin Klein meets Willy Wonka’ where you can experience sophistication coupled with an immediate release of your inhibitions.

When you walk into the shop, you immediately feel comfortable as your surrounded by unwavering quirkiness. The non-judgmental space is filled with laughter and smiles: the tearistas create unique names to write on the cups of every single patron, for example.

When Daniel is in the shop, his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. It’s easy to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger in T by Daniel. That alone is why many people keep coming back.

And that’s exactly what Daniel Lewis says he’s selling, an experience. We asked Daniel why he makes it a point to focus on people, creating personalized business cards for all his employees and remembering the names and stories of all his customers.

Daniel explained that he went through a traumatic experience in his life that emphasized the importance of strangers. People he had never seen or met before were coming together to save his life. From that day forward, he dedicated his business, and his life, to people.

Check out his store at 46 Main St N in Downtown Brampton.