December 8, 2023 – The culmination of a groundbreaking year for the Brampton Arts Organization (BAO) and Brampton Library’s joint Artist in Residence program is set to dazzle the community. Local artist Sima Naseem, alongside her talented youth collaborators, invites you to a captivating film screening and gallery showcasing the artistic journey of the program’s inaugural year.

Over the past three months, Sima and her youthful co-creators, aged 10 to 18, immersed themselves in a series of workshops and public office hours at Brampton Library’s Four Corners Branch. Together, they brought to life an animated film, complete with dynamic characters and visually striking sets. The film’s soundtrack by local musician Jett Dunkley, and the voice acting by Zakariah Sattu, add an extra layer of local flair.

The Artist in Residence program, in its first year, welcomed over 25 local youth creatives during its weekly public office hours. Sima, acting as both mentor and partner, collaborated with more than 30 youth creatives in workshops, imparting valuable animation skills. The result: a film where each youth co-creator played a pivotal role.

View the film’s trailer here:

Save the Date: Celebrate Creativity in Motion

Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 10, 2023, from 11 am to 1 pm, at Brampton Library’s Four Corners Branch, 65 Queen Street East. Join Sima Naseem and her talented co-creators for a stop-motion film screening and gallery. Enjoy light refreshments during this unique celebration of local artistic achievement.

You can get your tickets here.

Meet the Artist: Sima Naseem

Sima Naseem, a Brampton-based Pakistani-Canadian mixed media and film artist, specializes in animation and public art. Using vibrant colors and playful designs, she shares stories of exploration, discovery, and her personal life. Sima’s work reflects her commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and inspirational imagery, always finding new and creative ways to share her cultural and personal experiences through art.

About the Artist in Residence Program

The Brampton Artist in Residence program, a collaborative effort by BAO and Brampton Library, aims to engage the community in creative experiences while fostering relationships with local talent and art organizations. Artists in residence receive an $8,000 artist fee and dedicated private workspace at the Brampton Library’s Four Corners Branch. The program also offers mentorship through public office hours and workshops for youth aged 10 to 18 years.