December 20, 2023 – The City of Brampton is gearing up to enhance road safety with its upcoming regional Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) Camera Processing Centre. The city recently sealed the deal on a new facility at 175 Sandalwood Parkway.

Currently, Brampton processes its ASE camera images through a joint centre in Toronto, sharing resources with other municipalities. However, limited space and staff have led to processing bottlenecks, hampering the full utilization of Brampton’s 50 speed cameras. The city plans to increase this number to 150 by July 1, 2024.

Due to current constraints, some cameras operate as little as two hours a day. The new processing centre aims to change that narrative by significantly improving the enforcement of speeding violations. This move is expected to have a tangible impact on community and road safety.

The fully staffed centre promises to process more images, acting as a deterrent to speeding and, in turn, increasing road safety. Moreover, it’s anticipated to boost penalty revenue for the city. The facility will not only serve Brampton but also operate as a regional Processing Centre to support other municipalities across Ontario.

Mayor Patrick Brown discussed the revenue from this move will help improve the city in the future: “The new regional ASE Camera Processing Facility is a strategic investment for the City of Brampton. This move brings ticket processing closer to home, creating local jobs and curbing speeding in school zones. The generated revenue will be reinvested in our city’s infrastructure and community programs, making Brampton safer for our residents.”

Regional Councillor Rowena Santos – who chairs the Legislative Services Committee which oversees this project – said it’s not just the revenue, but about community safety too: “Establishing an ASE Camera Processing Centre is a pivotal step for Brampton, not just in revenue generation for municipalities across Ontario, but also in fostering safer roads for Brampton residents. This centre demonstrates our commitment to enhancing public safety through enabling efficient traffic monitoring and ensuring compliance with traffic laws.”

The ASE Camera Processing Centre is set to be up and running by the summer of 2024 and not long afterward Brampton residents will begin to see the impact of this significant investment in road safety and local job creation.