You can now get pizza cupcakes in Brampton

It seems to be pizza fever in Brampton! First came the pizza cone launched last month by Nom Nom’s and now pizza cupcakes are officially on the scene.

This new take on pizza was launched this week by Cristina’s Tortina Shop, a secialty cupcake, cakes and cookie shop.

These delicious morsels are made up of a fluffy pizza dough, and special sauce made in-house. Currently there are two choices for toppings, good old cheese or prosciutto. They’re selling for $2.99 each.

You can expect excellent service with your pizza cone too.¬†Cristina’s Tortina Shop isn’t your typical bakery, they provide equal employment opportunities for those with autism, down syndrome and other special needs.

So you can expect a side of warm fuzzies with your pizza cupcake, having supported a local business actively championing all members of the community and challenging stereotypes.