What does the City of Brampton do better than Apple, Starbucks, or even the City of Ottawa?  According to Forbes, the City of Brampton is one of Canada’s best employers.  


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The annual Forbes list is an anonymous survey, where employees respond with their willingness to recommend their employer to friends and family and nominate organizations other than their own.  Forbes partnered with market research firm Statista to compile the ranking by surveying more than 8,000 Canadians working for businesses with at least 500 employees.

Receiving high praise from their employees, the City of Brampton has come a long way in creating a positive workforce environment for their employees.  It was only five years ago when the former CAO started a leadership vacuum by firing 25 critical senior managers.   The rudderless organization was devasting to staff morale as the City’s municipal priorities were left in limbo.  The devastation in confidence occurred when demand for municipal services (such as park maintenance, recreation, snow removal, and road improvements) increased in association with Brampton’s population.

The City took a turn for the better with the newly elected Municipal Council.  The new Council quickly disposed of the CAO and set its sights on creating a new leadership culture in the City.  Council approved the development of a Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and an Equity Office to serve its employees and citizens.

The new leadership team has since stabilized and become unified.  The mission is clear.  With an ongoing focus on improving municipal services’ quality to meet increased demands, employees are also motivated to partner with their provincial colleagues to deliver on the City’s priorities.   The City’s priorities include a new hospital, a new university, improved transit and GO Train service and renewed attention to economic development and jobs.  These priorities are achievable when you have the confidence of an engaged and professional workforce.

Being named one of Canada’s best employers, Mayor Patrick Brown stated, “The City of Brampton is a Well-Run City, and our employees are dedicated to building a community for our residents that is safe, sustainable and successful. We are proud to be recognized by Forbes, for the third year in a row, as one of Canada’s Best Employers. We continue to be an employer of choice for our staff, former and present.”

Commenting on the Forbes list, Councillor Rowena Santos expressed, “The City continues to take steps to remove barriers in the workplace so that it is fair and equitable for all. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for our employees, who are so passionate about serving our residents, and building an inclusive and engaging workplace culture. We are proud to again be recognized by Forbes as one of Canada’s Best Employers.”