Canada’s Most Stylish Politician is From Brampton

You’ve probably heard the name Jagmeet Singh a time or two. If not, take a gander, because he is single-handedly the most stylish politician in Canada. Dare we even suggest, North America?

Jagmeet is the fierce MPP representing the riding of Bramalea-Malton-Gore. He’s fought for things like lower car insurance in Brampton, higher minimum wages and a national child care system, among other things.

You’ll often find him speeding down the mean streets of Brampton and Toronto on his urban bike. All the while maintaining crazy amounts of swag.

When he’s not completey owning the internet with his insta-worthy shots..


And making us all feel some serous Insta-envy…


You’ll find him tearing up a dance floor somewhere.


Dumalla wrapped to perfection, of course.


Even chilling on a hammock he manages to maintain epic amounts of swag.


Mans can rock a runway…


And even the signature NDP orange; not an easy colour to pull off.


Who else could wear a sweater and sandals with so much confidence?


I think we can all agree that Jagmeet’s style is unmatched in the political world. Keep doing you, boo.