Brampton rapper Derin Falana just released a music video for ‘Bet’, one of the tracks on his latest mixtape, ¬†Live From Rocky Mountain.

If you haven’t checked out the project, then you are seriously missing out. ‘Bet’ is all about Falana’s confrontation of two-faced people. It’s the second video release from Rocky Mountain, after ‘The Pick Up‘.

In the video you’ll recognize popular Brampton spot Sonny’s and the surrounding area. There’s also some pretty sick bird’s eye footage of the 410.

“This song really stuck on the project for me because I had to go through situations questioning if someone was really being genuine or were they just acting to fulfill their own hidden agenda. ‘Bet’ is an anthem for anybody that ever had to question somebody else’s motives during their journey,” Derin told Fader Online.

Listen to the full Live From Rocky Mountain project here.