Praise the bubble tea heavens because we just got another bubble tea cafe in Brampton.

The popular global chain Chatime is now open at the 410 at 7 plaza. It’s the 23rd location in Ontario and it couldn’t have come to Brampton any sooner.

“Brampton is up and coming, and there are a bunch of huge brands in the city already. And we wanted to bring our own international flavour into Brampton,” says Christina Li, Chatime’s marketing manager.

Bubble tea is traditionally a Taiwanese tea-based drink that was invented in the 1980’s. It uses a tea base, often black tea or green tea, mixed with milk and/or fruit to create different variations. The bubbles, or “boba” come from tapioca balls that have been cooked in a sugar syrup, giving them a squishy consistency. Bubble tea may also feature jelly, such as red bean, grass, aloe vera or coconut.

If you love bubble tea, Chatime has all the bases covered with because they offer over 100 drink varieties. Its menu has signature milk teas, specialty tea drinks that are made with fruity green and black teas, tea espressos, tea lattes, smoothies, slushies and even regular coffee.

The tea shop will also have edible goodies from Bake Code, Chatime’s sister bakery. The pastries are all Asian-Euro fusion and the cafe will be selling Bake Code’s popular twice-baked rare cheese tarts, which is a blend of three cheeses in a twice-baked pastry shell. Equally as interesting is the milli crepe cake, made with layers of crepe and matcha green tea-flavoured cream. Chatime will begin featuring the pastries two weeks after launch.

Chatime is located at 150 West Drive at the 410 @ 7 Plaza (Highway 410 and Queen Street).

Feature Image – Chatime Canada