The Cheltenham Badlands Are Getting a Viewing Platform

Much to the dismay of Bramptonians and others in the Region of Peel, the Cheltenham Badlands were closed to the public in 2015.

For years, anyone could enjoy a drive up to Caledon to hang out and explore the area. But more recently, a protective fence was erected to prevent visitors from accessing the area.

It was for a good cause, though: to protect the badlands from damage and vandalism. Since everyone missed the stark beauty, region leaders consulted with various organizations, as well as the public, to figure out a way to open the area up while continuing to protect it.

The resulting idea was a large parking lot and a series of elevated walkways leading to viewing platforms where visitors can enjoy the clay hills without damaging them.

This will keep the area conserved from further wear and tear, and it will also provide a safe place to park. Cars used to line the road as people parked where they could just to catch a glimpse of the badlands. In an area notorious for its winding roads, that made parking potentially dangerous.

Construction is set to begin this year in April. No completion date has been set, but we’re looking forward to it. It will sure beat checking out the badlands without the obstruction of an unsightly fence.

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