It comes as no surprise to hear that even though Brampton has the youngest median age in all of Canada, young people feel woefully misrepresented and often unheard by local leaders.

But hopefully that’s about to change, the City of Brampton is investing some time and resource into finding out what young people have to say about the state of the city. They’re looking for young people age 15-29 to share their opinions and experiences on transit, employment, arts, culture, our political leaders and a ton more things.

The survey is in hopes that the voices of young people are heard at city hall when important decisions are made. The city has enlisted YouthfulCities, a global initiative to make the world’s biggest cities more youth-friendly. They believe youth can shape a city’s competitive edge, stimulate development and find innovative solutions to problems. They see youth as the future of our cities.

The research that YouthfulCities collects will contribute towards developing youth friendly strategies across the city that encourage and empower young people. Findings will be reported to city council.

This is your chance to lay down your opinion of what Brampton is really like and be a part of making change happen. Take the survey below and use it as your opportunity to have a say.

Complete the survey here.