1. Candidate Bio:

Daryl emigrated from the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago, in hopes of positively impacting the lives of people the way Canada has positively impacted his life. Thankful for the endless opportunities Canada has to offer, Daryl demonstrates his gratitude through giving back to his local and surrounding communities.

There are numerous examples of his servitude through Boy Scouts of Canada and Army Cadet League of Canada, resulting in the man he is. Daryl is a seasoned leader with discipline, respect, team work and compassion with a focus on emergency personnel, military veterans, youth and seniors. Daryl understands the sacrifices these men and women in uniform make on a daily basis along with the sacrifices our veterans made in order to make this beautiful country called Canada enjoy the democratic process of elections.

Daryl has over 14 years of experience in the customer service working for Rogers Communication and now Bell Canada. Nothing brings him more joy than the satisfaction of helping someone resolve an issue. Even though Daryl holds multiple titles at his place of employment, union steward has been the most rewarding. Knowing he is fighting for fair and equal treatment of his fellow peers all the while maintaining the qualities and upbringing instilled in him by his grandparents before coming to Canada: Work hard, respect people and their property, but most importantly never make a promise you cannot keep has been in the center of his moral compass.

Daryl shares these qualities on a daily basis with his beautiful wife of five years and even though he’s not a father at this point, he hopes these qualities he has passed on as a mentor to at-risk youths within his community will be shared with their fellow peers for generations to come.

The four key issues that are close to Daryl’s heart are:

  • Affordable housing
  • Landscaping
  • Education
  • Transportation

While still willing to work on:

  • Youth Programs
  • Senior Long Term Care
  • Infrastructure

2. What are your three top priorities for Brampton?

Should I be elected on October 22nd, my top 3 priorities for Brampton are:

Transportation: figuring out ways to reduce traffic gridlock, along with evaluating how to connect Brampton to our surrounding neighborhood cities either by way of priority busing, LRT or Subway in the future

Affordable Housing: advocating for more affordable housing instead of million dollar homes. We needs to ensure students, young adults, low-income families and seniors have the opportunity to afford / maintain their homes instead of moving back home with their parents or staying at home even longer

Landscaping: making sure our parks, residential streets/commercial properties and intersections are clean and tidy. Overgrown grass attracts garbage and pests which makes the city looks neglected

3. What is one major council decision from the previous (2014-2018) term that you agree with?

I agree with city council’s decision from September 2017 to invest up to $50 million over 10yrs into post-secondary facilities and up to $100 Million for the Centre of innovations. If we are truly invested in the well-being of our students, we need the proper facilities and programs in place that will attract other students from surrounding cities and create more jobs within the city. The other benefit will be for students and parents: students will be able to reduce their overall education debt by borrowing less from OSAP because they will be able to commute less and parents will get to see their children more often instead of on weekends for the students that live on residence

4. What is one major council decision from the previous (2014-2018) term that you disagree with?

I disagree with city council’s decision from December 2017 in rejecting an independent auditor general for the city. We need some sort of transparency and accountability at city hall when it comes to dealing with finances and any possible conflict of interest violations that may arise within the 2019-2023 term. Voters want assurance that councillors are acting within the scope of their duties and keeping their best interest at heart at all times.

5. Are there any other ideas from other cities that you would like to see
replicated in Brampton?

I would like to see Brampton adopt the idea from Beijing, China to installing traffic cameras on all major intersection within the city. These cameras will serve a multipurpose use in monitoring traffic flow, assisting police with motor vehicle collisions/crime investigation, job creation and the overall improvement in security for the city. Potentially, if this idea works and we see a reduction in gridlock and crime, we can eventually have traffic cameras at ever intersection within Brampton.

6. What are your top transportation priorities to ease congestion and gridlock in the city of Brampton and connections to other communities?

As a candidate, I would like for us to explore various methods in reducing traffic congestion and gridlock, before jumping to implement permanent ideas that will have no sure guarantee in reducing gridlock. Implementing permanent ideas will just have residents paying higher property taxes year over year with more construction that will add to the frustrations of gridlock. What I propose is a simple idea, optimizing the traffic light management system.

As a field technician on the road every day, I’ve noticed traffic lights are one of the major causes for congestion and gridlock. If we can replicate the same timing some of the cities in the USA uses, we can have all traffic lights turning green or red one after another as a way to keep traffic moving smoothly. This idea doesn’t cost the city huge amounts of money to implement and it doesn’t cost tax payers money in the long run. I also think Brampton will benefit from an LRT system, however, without the right planning and financial detailing on how the system will operate, I will not subject our residents to lengthy construction timelines and annual property tax increases.

7. What are your thoughts on the Brampton 2040 Vision and how should the city proceed with the vision?

I’m excited to see the vision of Brampton come to life within the next 20 years. The City Of Brampton needs a skyline that will be visible from off our highways and from far off in the distance just as Toronto and Mississauga has. By redesigning the city to meet the growing population, we will be attracting more big businesses to our city, more global investors, tourists and ultimately becoming the go-to city on the world stage. Even though this vision is filled with the glitz and glamour, I think the city should proceed with this vision in stages. We have 20 years to fulfill this vision, so why not complete a stage within the 2-3yrs, wait a year or two, the complete another stage and so for. This will cut back on the constant construction that will contribute to the everyday traffic gridlock and congestion.

8. What is your position on the city’s finances and how would you tackle demands for services and infrastructure renewal?

**The candidate did not answer this question.

9. What are your thoughts on how the city/region should handle the alleged uptick of spontaneous youth violence and crime in the city?

It’s my belief and opinion that the city/region should be sitting down on a semi-annually basis with community members & leaders, Religious organizations, support organizations, law enforcement, neighborhood watch, criminal lawyers, Judges and elected officials from each level of government all at once to discuss the challenges and possible solutions to the wave of crime happening within our region. We need all parties at the table finding resolutions instead of relying strictly on the law enforcement to come up with a solution. Throwing more money at a problem will not fix the root cause of the problem. We have a seriously broken justice system and I think we need our federal government to revisit the Criminal Code of Canada to enact stricter sentences. Our youth are committing more serious crimes because they know they’re young offenders and their records will be sealed after 18 years old. So they will be getting a fresh start and our adults are committing crimes because they know how the system works and they know they’ll be back out on the street quickly. If we can come together as a community and look out for one another, we might see a significant reduction in the overall crime rate.

10. Why should voters vote for you?

As a resident of Brampton for the past 10 years, I’m in a unique position to understand the needs of this growing city and I want to be part of the solutions. I’ve had the esteemed pleasure of interacting with many of our residents on a one-on-one basis and I strongly believe I have great ideas to help improve the lives of our residents. Working in the telecommunications industry, I’ve witnessed first-hand the struggles some of our residents are facing personally and the frustrations a majority of residents are facing due to infrastructure construction.

I may not hold a degree or own a business/multiple businesses but what I do possess is a genuine desire to help people and a set of strict work ethics. 14 years in customer service has taught me a valuable lesson in patience, respect and a determination to resolving issues. Should I be elected to council as a City Councillor for wards 1 & 5, I will make it my priority to advocate for affordable housing, transportation, education and landscaping on your behalf.

As a Police Foundations graduate from Sheridan College, with a deep respect for the men and women in uniform, previous Youth mentor, current workplace mentor/union representative and senior member of my church at Kennedy Road Tabernacle, I humbly ask my fellow residents to elect me on October 22. I want to make advocating on your behalf at city hall my obsession, just as I advocate for equal rights and fair treatment for my fellow co-workers. Your vote matters and I will work hard to earn your trust along with respect going forward. It’s for these reason stated that I think I should be elected to this honorable and privilege position with open transparency. Thank you for considering me for this position and I implore you to do your democratic duty. Come out to vote on OCTOBER 22, 2018.

Candidate contact info:

Phone number: 647-625-5883
Emall: info@darylromeo.ca
Website: darylromeo.ca