January 18, 2024 – Looking to make a splash this summer? Look no further than the City of Brampton’s Recreation team, now accepting applications for thrilling summer job opportunities! Dive into part-time roles in Aquatics, Camps, Inclusion Programs, and more, offering flexible schedules, paid training, and valuable experience.

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From Pools to Parks: Diverse Opportunities Await

This summer, the City of Brampton is on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals to join their team. From Aquatics and Camps to Customer Service and Fitness, a variety of part-time roles are up for grabs. Become an integral part of the community by contributing your skills to Parks Maintenance, Preschool Instruction, Skate Programs, Ski and Snow, and more.

Perks of the Job

Why choose a summer job with the City of Brampton? Enjoy flexible schedules tailored to fit your commitments, receive comprehensive paid training, and seize the opportunity for skill development and career progression. Access discounted memberships and gain valuable experience that will make your resume stand out to future employers.

One camp leader reflected on his growth: “Coming into this job, for me, I was a very shy person, very reluctant. And I didn’t talk a lot. So it has helped me to grow confidence in talking and meeting with professors, meeting with teachers.”

Testimonials from City of Brampton Alumni

One camp leader turned specialist shared, “The City of Brampton is a perfect place to start for a first-time job.”

Discover the success stories of those who kick-started their careers through the City’s summer jobs program. From camp leaders to inclusion instructors, these individuals share how their journey with the City of Brampton shaped their personal and professional growth.

Another enthusiastic team member stated, “If you ask anyone who’s worked summer camps they will tell you that it is some of the best years of their lives.”

Building Connections and Impacting Lives

“Working with the city of Brampton actually gave me the opportunity to develop myself and develop my skill set. I realized that coming onto the floor and seeing smiles on the faces of all the patrons it motivated me to put my best foot forward.”

Joining the City of Brampton’s Recreation team goes beyond just a job. It’s about building connections, making friends, and positively impacting the community. Team members emphasize the team-building aspect and the constant pursuit of individual and collective improvement.

A lifeguard at one of Brampton’s aquatic facility looked back on her journey, “I’ve taught a lot of kids who started in little slash and then now i teach them all the way in like splash five now. It’s a stepping stone; it opens a lot of doors for a lot of people. you get to build your network around here, you get to make a lot of connections, and you get to make a lot of friends along the way.”

An Inclusion Specialist who started as a summer job camp leader reflected on experience: “I think just seeing the smile on their face when they’re able to successfully participate in an activity is so impactful and really makes my job every day worth it.”

Apply Today and Start Your Adventure!

Ready to make a difference in your community while having a blast? Apply now for summer jobs with the City of Brampton’s Recreation Department. Visit brampton.ca/rec-jobs to submit your application and embark on a summer adventure filled with growth, fun, and community impact. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!