The City of Brampton is looking for the public’s opinion on private cannabis stores in the city in the lead-up to the province’s opt-in deadline in January.

City council will make a decision in January and they want to know how Brampton residents really feel about retail cannabis stores.

The majority of Brampton’s city council has remained undecided on whether to allow cannabis stores. Only one councillor has publicly come out as vehemently against it. But council felt further consultation was needed before they make their decision.

Last week Brampton’s neighbours to the south in Mississauga voted no to having cannabis stores in their city. Other cities like Toronto and Orangeville have voted yes. Brampton plans to have a special council meeting next month to make a final decision.

City staff have already been conducting public consultation over the past couple of months. According to a public opinion poll conducted by the city in November, 54 per cent of Brampton strongly or somewhat supports opting in. 40 per cent strongly or somewhat oppose retail stores, while six per cent are undecided.

The same poll also found that of residents who would use recreational cannabis, 62 per cent would prefer to obtain it from a retail outlet as opposed to 29 per cent from the online Ontario Cannabis Store website and nine per cent who will grow at home.

Right now the city has a few in-person opportunities to give your opinion on the issue, and plan to add more sessions. Check out the list of events here.

If you can’t make it out to a session, you can also email your thoughts and concerns directly to the city at