When Toprock Climbing opened in 2017, it did so to lots of fanfare, which is no surprise since it’s Brampton’s first actual rock climbing gym.

The gym has solidified itself in the community, and the awesome factor hasn’t worn off. Even a year later, it’s still one of the coolest places in Brampton to hang out, meet new friends, challenge yourself and stay fit all at once.

Toprock is mainly a bouldering gym, so you’ll find bouldering walls for various climbing levels scattered around the gym. There’s a nice mix of flat walls, overhang climbing, and slab walls, so there really is something for everyone at every fitness and climbing level.

The gym frequently switches up routes on the walls to keep things interesting, especially for its many regulars.

Owners Trevor and Kevin have been nurturing this little community hub on the south end of the city off Orenda Road for a year, creating a tight-knit group of people of all ages who climb together and come back often.

“Toprock is a place where everyone can feel comfortable and know that they’ll see friends. When people start climbing at Toprock they’ll soon be climbing routes they never imagined possible, all while having fun and making connections,” says Trevor.

The community Trevor and Kevin have created has grown to be what it is today because the two have consistently put in the work to create a family-like atmosphere that’s friendly, inviting and all-around enjoyable.

The gym has hundreds of reviews online and has managed to maintain a near-perfect rating at 4.9 stars, which is impressive in its own right.

“You will find gyms around the GTA that have a lot more climbing walls and options, but the atmosphere created by Kevin and Trevor at Top Rock is amazing. It’s almost like a family there. Experienced climbers who you meet [at Toprock] are always willing to give tips and encouragement to help you improve. The interaction between all ages is fun to watch,” says one reviewer.

“Super fun experience! The owner was incredibly welcoming, motivating, and created an overall very positive atmosphere for my family and I. Most of us were experiencing climbing for the first time, and it was so helpful that they set up different routes for varying difficulty levels,” says another.

Almost all of the reviews note how genuine and helpful the staff are at Toprock, which is ultimately what keeps people coming back.

Right now Toprock has a $40 intro package which offers two weeks of unlimited climbing, including free gear rental. They also have a summer promotion for students running until May 31st which is $170 for 4 months of climbing.

Toprock is open to people of all ages and climbing levels. The gym is located at 284 Orenda Road – Unit 8. For more information visit their website at www.toprockclimbing.ca or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.