If you’ve got a killer sweet tooth, or are a daring foodie, this latest treat to jump on the Brampton food scene — cotton candy ice cream burritos — needs to be on your bucket list.

Local Latin eatery La Gran Uruguaya (LGU) recently launched the colourful creations on their menu.

The burrito features a packed layer of gourmet cotton candy — flavours include banana, bubble gum, white chocolate and more. The cotton candy is flattened to create a sturdy but fluffy outer shell for three scoops of ice cream. LGU has a bunch of flavours to choose from, including vanilla, chocolate, banana and rainbow swirl. You also have the option to top your burrito with sprinkles, Oreo cookie crumbles, nuts and more.

The ice cream scoops and toppings are wrapped up in the cotton candy and then cut in half for easy munching.

It’s a sweet treat, no doubt. The cotton candy melts nicely into the ice cream, and despite the sugar content, it all blends well. That being said, you may want to share your burrito between two people.

LGU offers custom cotton candy burritos, so you can choose whatever you like, or you can try your taste buds on one of their pre-determined creations.

The cotton candy burrito is $6 and is now available at La Gran Uruguaya, located at 5 Ardglen Drive, near Kennedy Road and Clarence Street.