It’s starting to get chilly.

We’re back for another week of council and committee meetings.

As always, Bramptonist will be rounding up the interesting items on upcoming city council and committee meetings, so you don’t have to bore yourselves with tedious PDFs.

All meetings are open to the public (aside from closed items), and are generally held in the City or Regional Council Chambers, unless stated otherwise.

Member Services Committee

December 5, 2016, 9:30 a.m.
Council Committee Room, City Hall

Issues in Brief

  • Verbal update for council accommodation on the fifth floor of city hall now that they’ve booted out a bunch of senior managers
  • New council office protocol

Agenda and reports here.

Planning and Infrastructure Services Committee

December 5, 2016, 4:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

Public Meeting Reports

720634 Ontario Ltd

  • Located northeast of Chinguacousy and Wanless
  • Application conforms with Official Plan and Mount Pleasant Secondary Plan
  • Zoning has to change from agricultural
  • 207 single-detached dwellings, 131 street townhouses, 48 rear lane townhouses, 74-115 apartment units
  • Catholic elementary school
  • Retail plaza
  • Two parks, two stormwater ponds, natural heritage features
  • Extension of Remembrance Road and Edenbrook Hill Drive through site, plus local roads
  • Report on page 8

TFP Clockworks Developments Inc.

  • Southwest of Chinguacousy and Mayfield
  • Changes to Official Plan, Mount Pleasant Secondary Plan, and Zoning required
  • 275 single detached units, 124 semi detached units, 349 townhouse units
  • Existing heritage building retained
  • Two parks, two stormwater ponds, natural heritage features
  • Public junior elementary school
  • Extension of Brisdale Drive, new Clockwork Drive community collector road, plus local roads
  • Report on page 23

Sabrina Homes Inc

  • South of Mayfield, east of Van Kirk
  • Zoning amendment required
  • New single detached dwellings
  • Extension of Iceland Poppy Trail
  • Report on page 38

21 Coventry Inc

  • 21 Coventry (south of the Walmart near Queen/Airport)
  • Proposal to place a private school in an office building
  • Official plan, secondary planning, zoning amendments required
  • Lands surrounding this proposal are all employment uses (warehouses and factories)
  • Report on page 49

10124, 10134 and 10144 Hurontario Street

  • West side of Hurontario south of Sandalwood Parkway
  • Employment land conversion
  • Mixed use seniors apartment with office and retail uses
  • Report on page 62

Main Street South Heritage Conservation Plan

  • Heritage Conservation District proposed for Main Street South, with all properties facing Main between Wellington and the Etobicoke Creek
  • Would provide guidelines on how new developments can be fit into the district, as well as streetscaping details
  • Strict tree protection
  • Eight of the buildings, a clear minority, do not reflect the heritage plan, and will be deemed non-contributing to the guidelines
  • Report on page 80

Ashwid Developments Inc

  • East of Mississauga Road, south of Cloudburst Road
  • 13 townhouses, 11 single-detached dwellings
  • Extension of Rockbrook Trail
  • Zoning amendment required
  • Report on page 268

Demolition Permits

  • 26 Bellini Avenue (page 363)

Hurontario-Main Street Corridor Secondary Plan

  • Amendments required for the secondary plan
    • Intensification lands around Nanwood Drive will be deleted and revised later
    • Deleting valleylands and mature neighbourhoods are they can’t be redeveloped
    • 209 Steeles West mixed use apartment building development is acceptable and will be added as a special policy area
    • Noting the Hurontario-Steeles Mobility Hub due to the termination of the LRT at Steeles
    • Potential redevelopment of Shoppers World and the Real Canadian Superstore sites, including potential large scale office uses
    • Allowing drive-thrus (previously banned) as long as they meet strict urban design standards
  • Report on page 461

Issues in Brief

  • Resident Jotvinder Sodhi, on behalf of the Canadian Families Alliance, would like to speak on a number of planning issues
  • Sant Nirankari Mission has been attempting to get a permit for expansion and the city keeps stalling (page 284)

Agenda and reports here.

Committee of Adjustment

December 6, 2016, 9:00 a.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

Issues in Brief

  • The owners of 24 Franktown Drive wants to widen their driveway to possibly cover their entire lawn
  • An outdoor play area is proposed as part of a day nursery at 153 Queen West, and they would like to reduce the required parking by two spaces

Agenda and reports here.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

December 6, 2016, 6:30 p.m.
Boardroom 2A, West Tower

Issues in Brief

  • A presentation on the Accessibility Campaign

Agenda and reports here.

Community and Public Services Committee

December 7, 2016, 9:30 a.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

Alderlea 150

  • New public art at Alderlea in time for Canada 150 celebrations
  • Public art team needs two members of council to be on the evaluation team
  • Report on page 18

Issues in Brief

  • The Salvation Army Community Garden has grown 1,000 lbs more vegetables this year (total 5,502 lbs) with the help of volunteers from the Vanier women’s prison in Milton (page 6)
  • A resident is complaining that the value of his “ravine” lot (aka natural forest ravine) is being ruined by a beaver and its dam (aka more nature) and wants the city to remove the beaver and the dam and completely has missed the point of the city’s naturalization policies and what modern stormwater management now entails (page 9)
  • City releasing procurement for a three year contract to provide up to 30 new Zum buses between 2018-2020 for $38,105,705.10 (page 24)

Agenda and reports here.

Economic Development Committee

December 7, 2016, 1:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

Issues in Brief

  • Report on future Health Sector trade mission to the UAE in January
  • Verbal report on Multi-Sector Business Attraction Mission to Boston, USA – November 14-17, 2016

Agenda and reports here.

Corporate Services Committee

December 7, 2016, 3:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

Issues in Brief

  • A whole bunch of small tax revisions, updates to online code, etc will occur at this meeting

Agenda and reports here.

Region of Peel Council

December 8, 2016, 9:30 a.m.
Council Chambers, Regional HQ at 10 Peel Centre Drive

Issues in Brief

  • Sobey’s presentation on its participation in environmental causes (page 19)
    • Being at Etobicoke Creek station on the Mississauga Transitway, single-occupancy vehicle commuters decreased by 20% in 2 year, transit use up by 3%, carpooling up by 15%
  • Smoking to be banned on outdoor grounds of regional buildings, including parking lots (page 103)
  • Report and response from GTHA elected officials and staff on Growth Plan Proposal (page 132)
  • An injunction against an individual selling unpasteurized milk in Peel (page 322)

Agenda and reports here.