Ward 3/4 City Councillor Jeff Bowman has joined the same hot waters of associating with far right racist people and organizations, just like his counterpart in Peel Region, Mississauga’s Councillor Ron Starr.


October 19, 2022

On October 18 NewsTalk 1010’s John Moore interviewed Starr about photos that appeared on his campaign Facebook page showing him shaking hands and speaking with white supremacist Paul Fromm.

In a similar fashion, Rebel Media has a long history of publishing inflammatory and Islamaphobic messages and interviews on their website. Reputable news organization Macleans magazine wrote a profile on Rebel News, referencing Rebel Media’s sympathetic coverage of the white nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Va. and that correspondent Faith Goldy repeatedly calls marchers on that side “patriots,” as many of them called themselves.

As a result, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Progressive Conservative Premier of Ontario Doug Ford, and Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown all refuse to give interviews to this group. During the recent federal election, Prime Minister Trudeau responded to a question from Rebel News and argued that due to their spreading of misinformation and disinformation said “I won’t call it a media organization”.

Councillor Jeff Bowman recently conducted an interview with Rebel News and welcomed the hate group’s support of his efforts to manipulate Brampton City Council’s decisions.

This isn’t the first time that Bowman has been in hot water. As reported by the Bramptonist in 2018, former City Councillor John Sprovieri made racist comments in response to a constituent. At the core of Sprovieri’s remarks was that newcomers should “learn the values of white people”.

Sprovieri’s comments received immediate condemnation from the community. Public backlash ensued, but Sprovieri wouldn’t back down from his words or offer an apology to those offended. “Was it a poor choice of words? I don’t believe so,” he said during an interview with CityNews after the release of the email. “Maybe it doesn’t sound good, but really I don’t see how it’s incorrect. It may be improper, possibly, but it’s certainly not incorrect.”

In 2020, City Council approved the naming of a City amenity after Sprovieri. The suggestion sparked outrage from community members, who took to social media and called Councillors to stop the process. In a procedural maneuver to stop Mayor Brown and former Councillor Williams from having Sprovieri’s name removed, Councillors Jeff Bowman demanded a two-thirds majority vote was required to add the issue to the agenda.

Regional Councillor Michael Palleschi suggested that the City needed to “make change” in addressing systemic racism, and this change needs to start “now”, after which a reconsideration 2/3 vote was approved and the park was not renamed after Sprovieri.

Brampton is a diverse City that welcomes newcomers. While he is not running again, Bowman should apologize to Brampton’s residents for this interview with a far right hate group, as it is a stain on his time in public office.