July 7, 2002

With files from Silas Johnson, Video Editor

(Photo: Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon on left, defended by Councillors Pat Fortini, centre, and Martin Medeiros on right)

Five Brampton Councillors (Gurpreet Dhillon, Martin Medeiros, Pat Fortini, Jeff Bowman, and Doug Whillans) continue to spread misinformation at City Hall. Their latest political stunt involved a hastily called media conference to talk about Mayor Patrick Brown and his bid to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Leading the group was Councillor Medeiros. It is one of the preliminary actions, according to sources close to City Hall, to clear a path for Medeiros’ desperate ambition to become the next Mayor of Brampton. It is well known that Medeiros has been courting developers with various interests related to Highway 413.

This group of Councillors, known as the Gang of Six, announced a number of allegations yesterday against Patrick Brown. Their media stunt can be viewed as a distraction to one of their own members, Gurpreet Dhillon, who was engaged in sexual misconduct while on a city business trip. According to Brampton’s Integrity Commissioner, Dhillon was on a city business, where he assaulted a Brampton business woman.

The Integrity Commissioner, whose sole role is to investigate the conduct of Council members, described in her report that the victim said “no” 74 times in her attempt to block Dhillon’s sexual advances. According to the report, Dhillon picked her up, lifted her skirt, and refused to listen to her continued pleas to stop…74 times.

Dhillon filed for a judicial review of his punishment in Ontario court and a 3-judge panel unanimously rejected Dhillon’s legal challenge. Later, the Gang of Six fired the Integrity Commissioner for doing her job and installed their own person.

When Medeiros was asked about the distraction to avoid talking about the sexual misconduct, he claimed Dhillon and his supporting Councillors were the actual victims. He was then heckled by someone in the crowd, who stated “The bully is right there” (referring to Gurpreet Dhillon). The individual then repeated “74 times”.

The Councillors themselves can be accused of breaking their own policy, where they utilized city hall as a resource for the politically motivated media stunt.

The Gang of Six appears to not care about facts. Spreading allegations without fully seeking all the facts seems to be their mantra. And of course, Medeiros potential run for Mayor should not be discounted as the real motivation.