Derin Falana Addresses Brampton Hate in New Track

After a long hiatus at the end of 2016 (during which he was ill), Derin Falana drops “Live From Hollowgrove”.

This classic, groovy beat features razor-sharp bars from Falana, touching on a range of topics from personal struggles, career goals, fame, and addressing the ‘haters’.

“I’m not trying to fit in nobody shoes, but it would be cool to say I tried em on.” Derin raps about his place in the competition, understanding that the world stage is within reach for the Brampton MC.

Falana appears to be bringing Brampton along with him. He address the infamous trope associated with Brampton.

“They said, because I’m from Brampton, that I got no potential. Oh don’t be so judgmental. I get a call every week from one of my circle members, it’s bout to be go time.”

Derin Falana’s success is symbolic for Brampton. With a population hitting just shy of 600,000 people in 2016, Brampton has a colossal task ahead of itself as it reminds other metropolitan cities that it’s one of them.

From industry to culture, Brampton is developing concomitantly with its population. Derin Falana, and others, show just how culturally significant Brampton is.

In the last State of the City address, Linda Jeffrey asked for Bramptonians to disrupt the status quo. You think Derin was listening?