It’s been a quiet start to the year from Derin Falana. The hype grew as fans patiently awaited his first release of the year. Derin Falana has finally delivered with a gritty, rap-heavy single called ‘The Change Up’. This is certainly a change of pace for the Brampton native, who embraces a dark and ominous beat provided by collaborator Lucidox. With a very Drake-inspired flow, Falana transitions to a welcomed melody at the end of the track.

Falana makes mentions of the status he enjoys. ‘The throne to my city, I heard I’m the heir to it’, he says, referring to his popularity as one of Brampton’s foremost rappers. He later mentions that Brampton couldn’t keep him chained up. Can this be interpreted as a challenge to other Brampton rappers?

One thing is for sure, this is certainly a ‘change up’ for Derin Falana. We can’t wait to hear what he has coming next.