Tinder’s Enormous Twitter Meltdown

For Vanity Fair’s September issue, journalist Nancy Jo Sales penned an article chronicling the decline of romance in the digital age and the harmful effect apps — like Tinder — can have on the dating experience.

The article, “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocolypse,’”must have struck a nerve with the dating app company. Tinder took to Twitter to defend their honour–or some might say to commence a complete and total toddler tantrum.

What unfolded was a long line of cringe worthy tweets from Tinder directed at Sales, the journalist who wrote the article. Check out the action below.

The four-hour ordeal began innocently enough.

It escalated pretty quickly though.

They then began citing internal data as infallible proof–it isn’t quite clear what they were attempting to prove.

The even busted out a few measurable stats and figures–A “s**t ton and tons and tons are scientifically sound ways of dechipering data, it seems.

They were outraged at the whole injustice of the issue

And what they felt was the omittance of certain “key” information

Sales response?

She then proceeded to shut them up with this gem…

Bye Felicia.


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