Feel like a kid again this Christmas as you enjoy candy canes in the signature DQ ice-cream dessert, the Blizzard.

The candy cane blizzard has candy cane pieces and chocolate chunks blended into a thick vanilla soft-serve ice cream. And you guessed it – it’s not a DQ Blizzard unless it can hold up flipped upside down before it’s served to you.

DQ has introduced an entire line of winter Blizzards this season, and has even brought back its choco-peppermint treat.

Go ahead. Enjoy your blizzard in this early onset winter weather. You can warm up too with an entire meal including their spicy FlameThrower griller burger, chili cheese hot dogs, and hot drinks.

Dairy Queen has seven locations in Brampton. Closest to downtown Brampton is the store at Queen and Centre, there’s one at Bramalea City Centre, and another at Torbram and Sandalwood—to name a few.

For more information, visit DairyQueenBrampton.ca. Dairy Queen (DQ) also posts their nutrition facts and allergy information for their menu items.