Bramptonians rejoice! We can expect shorter wait times when taking drivers tests because there’s finally going to be a DriveTest centre in Mississauga, and it’s slated to open this summer.

The government of Ontario is finally opening a Dive Test Centre in Mississauga, which means Brampton will no longer have to share and suffer the long wait times that come with the current situation.

The new DriveTest centre will open this August at 255 Longside Dr. — at the intersection of Derry Road and Hurontario — just at the edge of Brampton. The new centre is expected to server 300,000 customers and will help reduce wait times at not just Brampton’s location, but others in the western GTA.

Brampton’s DriveTest Centre serves about 85,000 people a year, many of whom are Mississauga residents. People have reportedly waited hours for service, despite the extended hours and increased staffing the province implemented to help alleviate the issue a few months ago.

The new centre may also bode well for anyone looking to take their G2 and G tests after August. As of now, Brampton’s DriveTest Centre has one of the highest fail rates in the province, but this new centre could be a game changer.