December 6, 2023 – Durham Regional Police have released a video capturing the moment officers corralled a runaway kangaroo in Oshawa, bringing a fun and heartwarming end to the city’s four-day kangaroo caper.

While not something you hear about in Canada too often, Police are calling it a “Roo-tine” Patrol in a fun press release about the issue.

In the recently shared YouTube footage, officers can be seen channeling their inner kangaroo-whisperers, gently petting the furry escapee to keep it calm. The action-packed video showcases the officers’ teamwork as they prepare the marsupial for a ride to the Oshawa Zoo. Spoiler alert: a kangaroo’s tail becomes the unexpected hero in this tale, with officers using it to safely capture the hopping sensation.

Amid the struggle to contain the feisty kangaroo, an officer realizes their body camera is rolling, capturing the entire adventure. “Perfect, now you have video evidence,” jokes one officer as they discuss the efforts to find the elusive kangaroo.

The video, which unfolds like a wildlife sitcom, shows the officers managing to load the kangaroo into an SUV with laughter and heavy breathing filling the air. The kangaroo, now safely in custody, embarked on a ride to the Oshawa Zoo for a checkup, putting an end to its daring escapade.

In a statement online after the incident, invoking language used for ‘regular human arrests’, Police quipped “The kangaroo gave up and surrendered peacefully to police officers.”

The community rallied together in a collective effort, with volunteers and the Oshawa Zoo staff working tirelessly to bring about this “roo-tiful” conclusion.

Cameron Preyde, Oshawa Zoo’s supervisor, assured everyone that the kangaroo, temporarily staying at the zoo, is doing well. “She is resting, warm, well-fed, and much happier now than she was over the past few days,” Preyde shared.

The escapade not only entertained locals but also raised questions about wildlife regulations, prompting calls for stricter oversight in the wake of this kangaroo caper.

The Oshawa Zoo, an unregulated wildlife facility, has come under scrutiny, highlighting concerns about the lack of regulations governing such establishments. Advocacy groups and zoo officials are urging the Ontario government to enforce stronger regulations to ensure the welfare and safety of exotic animals in unaccredited roadside zoos.

Despite the ups and downs of this kangaroo adventure, the heartwarming ending has left the community with a memorable story to share, proving once again that sometimes, laughter is the best medicine—even for runaway kangaroos.

View the official video here: