Electricity Required: 1 in 5 Canadian vehicles to be electric by 2026

December 21, 2022 – New rules by Canada’s Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault require 1 in 5 passenger vehicles sold in 2026 to be electric.

Strict requirements will reach 60% in 2030 and 100% by 2035. Companies that don’t meet the targets will face penalties.

This change was driven by the Liberal Government’s plan zero-emission vehicle mandate, included in its emissions reduction plan.

In early 2022, electric vehicle sales, including electric and plug-in hybrid models, made up only 7.2% of new vehicles.

Canada had targets for electric vehicles, but they are unenforceable and the Government little to encourage an increase in electric vehicle availability.

In May, automaker Stellantis announced the intstallation assembly lines to produce electric and hybrid vehicles at the Brampton plant. The plant will will receive $132 million each from the provincial and federal governments.

The Brampton Assembly Plant will be retooled and fully modernized, beginning in 2024. This May announcement resulted in part from advocacy by City Council for a contract past 2023.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing to Thrive in Brampton – ‘Brampton Economic Development’ https://investbrampton.ca/electric-vehicle-manufacturing-to-thrive-in-brampton/

The Brampton plant “is going to be transformed, fully modernised and beginning in 2024,” said Mark Stewart, Stellantis’ Chief Operating Officer.