Earlier this month, Enbridge announced that it is working with Brampton’s Fire and Emergency Services to improve home safety in order to bring fire and carbon-monoxide deaths down to zero.

It is doing this through Project Zero, a public education campaign that warns how dangerous fires and carbon monoxide poisoning can be. As part of the solution, Enbridge has invested in producing combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic, odourless gas, and is a by-product of incomplete combustion of many types of common fuels. It pools in homes unbeknownst to residents and can cause death. In fact, it is sometimes known as the ‘silent killer’.

Enbridge aims to provide these alarms to residents in 40 municipalities across Ontario. Over the past 11 years, the program has provided more than 44,00 alarms to Ontario fire departments. Brampton has so far received 576 alarms.

“It’s a fact – smoke an carbon monoxide alarms save lives, but we still see residents who don’t have them or who don’t check to ensure their alarms are working and not expired,” said Chief Bill Boyes, Brampton Fire and Emergency Services. “We encourage all residents to make sure they have working carbon monoxide alarms beside all sleeping areas in their home. It could save your family’s life.”

“We greatly value partnerships with businesses in our community to better the lives of our residents,” said Mayor Patrick Brown, during the announcement. “This donation from Enbridge will directly impact our residents’ lives and help keep them safe.

“We know that the best way to avoid carbon monoxide exposure is to eliminate it at the source by properly maintaining fuel-burning equipment,” said Grant Kilpatrick, Operations Manager at Enbridge, “And [these] alarms are a critical second line of defense to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.”

For more information, see the announcement.