Meteorologists are calling this week’s forecast for the GTA a “seesaw of storm weather”. Be prepared for mixed precipitation: rain, snow, flurries and frozen rain.

This past weekend a storm moved into Southern Ontario bringing wet weather and near freezing temperatures on Saturday, and on Sunday a few flurries, but the GTA could see 5 cm of a combination of snow, ice and rain this week.

Not only will the roads and sidewalks be a slushy mess, but there is also a chance of whiteout conditions due to snow, dangerously affecting visibility levels for travel.

A large wet storm system will dish out some arctic air, with gusty winds throughout the week, dipping temperatures to what feels like -10 to -20 ° C with the wind chill.

In Brampton, this messy mix of snow, ice and rain that hit on Saturday is probably coming back for Monday night leading into Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday will bring more frigid temperatures.

If you’re got waterproof outerwear, now’s the time to use it, and layers to say warm. Because of the ice, watch your footing and give yourself extra time for travelling. Lay down the salt on your driveways, and be sure to wear gloves/mittens, scarfs, hats and earmuffs as needed, especially for the little ones. Be vigilant, and be always mindful of other road users and pedestrians with the decreased visibility.

Have a look at the Brampton 7-day weather forecast from The Weather Network for more information.