The Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) in downtown Brampton unveiled its new exhibit last month: “George Paginton: Painting a Nation”.  

Brampton had the privilege of being the first to experience the unveiling, as the large-scale exhibition kicked off its cross-country tour at PAMA on Oct. 10.

George Paginton is a contemporary of the Group of Seven, and one of Ontario’s rediscovered painters.

The historic Group of Seven, a.k.a the Algonquin School, were a pioneering group of Canadian artists who, from 1920 to 1933, ventured the breadth of Canada’s vast landscapes to capture them in painting.

Paginton was a lesser-known peer of the Seven but by no means less prolific. In his work of 70 years, he created over 1,500 oil paintings, most of which were never exhibited to the public until now.  

The exhibit runs until February 9, 2020. It has interactive commentary and includes an opportunity to purchase a beautiful hardcover book about the artist from the PAMA bookstore.

To learn more, visit PAMA at Peel Region.