Environment Canada has issued an extreme heat warning that’s expected to last through Thursday, July 13 in Brampton and the surrounding area.

Humidex values are expected to sit at 40 with temperatures reaching the mid 30s until Thursday. So in other words, it’s going to be hot AF.tumblr_inline_mstsqpy8Gg1qz4rgp

The weather conditions are expected to pose a higher than normal risk of heat illnesses, including heat stroke and exhaustion, so beware. The only way to survive and save yourself from a bad hair day is to just stay inside. If you absolutely have to go out — which, who are we kidding, most of us do — don’t bother trying to look any kind of decent, you’ll become a sweaty mess in 1.5 seconds after stepping outside anyway.

When you do go outside, avoid sudden movements or anything that will incite a sweat-fest. On second thought, you’re probably better off just laying down on the sidewalk like a beached whale in hopes that someone comes along and carts you to your desired destination so you don’t have to move.

And for when you do happen to arrive to your destination completely drenched, make sure your responses are aptly prepared.Sweating-like-a-pig

Environment Canada recommends avoiding strenuous activities at the hottest times of the day and not leaving pets or people inside locked cars or direct sunlight.
Sweet relief arrives towards the end of the week as the weather cools down Friday.View the full warning here.

How do you plan to keep cool in the heat over the next few days? Let us know in the comments below.