November 29, 2022


Yesterday, Brampton City Council approved a recommendation put forward by newly elected City Councillor Dennis Keenan and seconded by newly elected Regional Councillor Gurpartap Singh Toor, to immediately prohibit the use, purchase, discharge, possession, sale and offer to sell of fireworks in Brampton.

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Given the ban, the City has determined that it will add an annual City-operated Diwali celebration event with Pyrotechnics similar to Canada Day and New Year’s Eve in 2023.

It appears that the Councillors were listening to residents, and the results of a petition, signed by over 10,000 people, which raised concerns about noise, waste left behind, and environmental pollution that could be seen across the City during recent firework events.

During the meeting City staff advised Council that Brampton Bylaw Services and Brampton Fire received 1,491 calls concerning the use of fireworks, up an astonishing 300% over 2018 numbers.

Bylaw Staff issued over $38,000 in fines relating to fireworks, including excessive noise, fire safety concerns and left-over garbage piles scattered across the city.

The City’s Fireworks By-law aims to mitigate the risk of injury and damage to property. Under the amended by-law, the fine for discharging fireworks would be increased to a minimum of $500, and the fine for selling or offering to sell fireworks would be increased to a minimum of $1000. The current firework permit process would be amended to only be applicable to the film industry and events run by the City.

“The safety of our residents is of utmost importance to the City of Brampton. We have heard the concerns of our community regarding the Fireworks By-law, and it is our goal that by amending it, we will all enjoy our holidays safely and without disruption, excessive noise or debris. I thank everyone for making their voices heard on this topic, and look forward to welcoming residents to our first annual Diwali celebration event next year”, said Mayor Patrick Brown in a City Media Release.

Under the existing Fireworks By-law, short-range fireworks are currently allowed on private property in Brampton without the need for a permit on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Diwali and New Year’s Eve. The City has received significant growth related to the number of fireworks related complaints since 2019, with safety, noise and debris being common concerns in the community.

Chair of Legislative Services (the portfolio that oversees Brampton Fire and Emergency Services), Regional Councillor Rowena Santos said that it is important for Council to “create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all while mitigating the risk of injury in our community and keeping it clean and green. The amended Fireworks By-law will help ensure our residents are safe, and that we can all enjoy our holiday celebrations”.

Under the recommended amended Fireworks By-law proposed, fireworks would not be permitted in the City.

The City has determined that it will add an annual City-run Diwali celebration event with Pyrotechnics similar to Canada Day and New Year’s Eve in 2023.