Ontario is filled with varied landscapes pleasing to the eye and offering unique experiences. The Cheltenham Badlands is one such unique feature and is part of the Credit Valley Conservation Area.

When you see it for the first time you might find yourself asking, “is this Earth or Mars!?” These fascinating rippling red hills are something to behold, and one of the best-preserved land features in all of Ontario. The iron-rich rocks give us to the red–and sometimes green–hues.

A badland formation is called that because it is a landscape devoid of vegetation and soil cover. The ones in Caledon are made up of rolling hills, valleys and gullies of exposed soft rock. Such landscapes are rare in Ontario, and this trail is a prime example.


The badlands are available for viewing along a new accessible boardwalk. Physical access to walk directly on the badlands feature is no longer available as it leads to erosion of the sensitive soft rocks.

Two Trails

There are two formal trails: the Bruce Trail, at a length of 1330 m, and the Badlands Trail, at 325 m. There is even a new connection with the Bruce Trail and the Badlands Trail.

Navigating the Trail

Through new interpretive and wayfinding signage, visitors can learn about the Badlands feature and navigate the property. There are also trailhead maps at the trailhead signs at each entrance to the property. Visitors are asked to remain on the trails and accessible boardwalk, and not venture unto the rock formations in order to ensure visitor safety and the preservation of this sensitive land feature.

Parking and accessibility

There is a 33-car parking lot just off Olde Base Line Road, with accessible parking space and the accessible boardwalk.


The Badlands Trail is great for families and for beginners, as it is one of the shortest landscape trails with manageable changes in grade.

You can submit your postable moments to the Credit Valley Conservation Authority after you visit the trail, and they’ll consider your images for inclusion on its webpage.  

The Cheltenham Badlands is located at 1739 Olde Base Line Road, Caledon.