Layers of snow and ice from this year’s multiple storms are finally starting to melt, and the public is being warned that higher than normal water levels, and possibly even flooding are expected in Brampton and the rest of the region.

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) issued a flood watch and are warning the public that water levels near local waterways and streams are expected to be higher than usual starting Thursday, March 14 due to a storm that’s moving in.

“A low pressure system will bring warmer weather along with precipitation to the Credit River Watershed, beginning Thursday midday into Friday,” says CVC. “Warm weather, rain and snowmelt will result in higher run-off/flows and water levels along the Credit River and tributaries.” 

Brampton can expect a forecasted high of 12°C on Thursday and a high of 7°C on Friday—heavy rain is a possibility both days.

CVC is advising residents—especially children and pets—to stay away from watercourses and large streams. Find out more on their website