With the COVID-19 pandemic, food banks are struggling with resources and keeping up with the increased demand for food as workers are laid off in all sectors.

Food Banks Canada called for $150 million in cash donations from Canadian residents willing to donate in order to meet the demand to have enough food available and help families in need. Because of the impact of COVID-19, Food Banks are also concerned about the amount of food in stock due to the low numbers in their workforces and volunteer pools right now.

Food Banks in Brampton such as Knights Table are in need of more food and financial donations in order to continue to help those who are currently struggling during this pandemic. Also, with schools that serve breakfast and churches that serve dinner being closed, it also becomes even more of a problem.

“We’re getting more and more people and it’s putting a real strain on our facility,” said Bob Tremblay, President of Knights Table Brampton. “We’re finding it really challenging; volunteers are dropping off because people are afraid. Donations have dropped off by 48 per cent. We’ve noticed an increase right now…some churches that supply meals are closed.”

Food Banks in Brampton will continue to do all they can in order to help those in need in the community. Please donate if you can. Donate to Food Banks Canada here. Donate directly to Knights Table here. Donate to freemealhelp.com, an effort by Brampton restaurants and other businesses, here.