Imagine this; you’re out for a leisurely stroll to the park or the corner store. Maybe you’re sipping on a Lion Chai from T By Daniel, or casually texting.

Then BAM, you see a piece of art. Maybe it’s right in front of you, maybe it’s in your peripheral. You almost missed it because you were vibing so hard to the latest Mumford song. But there it is, a beautiful piece of art in a doorway, on a ledge, beside a potted plant or park bench. You can’t help but notice the tag that says, ‘free art’. Is it really free? Can you actually take it home? The answer is yes!

Free Art Friday is a global movement. Local artists gift the public with pieces of their work–it could be a painting, a photograph, a rock, a sculpture, a poem–whatever the artist feels inspired to gift. The FAF movement started in England and has spread across the world. Now it’s coming to Brampton.

On Friday September 25, local artists in Brampton and Mississauga will be gifting us all with their masterpieces! Keep an eye out for park benches, windowsills, ledges, nooks and crannies. Follow @FreeArtFridayPeel on Instagram and @FreeArtFridayON on Twitter for clues to pieces of art around town. This is a great opportunity to interact with local artists through their work and get to take a piece home! Anyone can participate.

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Are you an artist? You can participate too!

  1. 1. Create a piece of art–A photograph, painting, poem, sculpture, etc.
  2. Attach a ‘free art’ tag to your piece. You can even include your website and contact details if you’d like.
  3. Put your art out on Friday Sept 25. Indoors or outdoors in an easy or hard to find location.
  4. Leave clues on Twitter and Instagram (@FreeArtFridayPeel) or Twitter (@FreeArtFridayON). Use #FreeArtFridayPeel as well.
  5. Get out there and have fun!

More details here.