March 2, 2022

(Photos: City of Brampton)

By Kuwarjeet Singh

Yesterday, Mayor Patrick Brown and Councillor Gurpreet Singh launched the free public transit program for all seniors living in Brampton.

Delivering on a promise of 0% increases to the City’s portion on property taxes, which includes the provision of free bus passes for Brampton’s seniors, Mayor Brown said he was proud of delivering on this senior’s program.

Previously, Brampton seniors were required to purchase a $15/month bus pass or pay $1 cash fare. Now they can spend their estimated $180 annual savings for other things.

“This is a milestone in transit affordability and caring for our senior residents,” Brown said. “Brampton is a Green City, and as part of our 2040 Plan we’re committed to providing efficient, affordable, and sustainable transit through our Brampton Transit network.”

Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Get your Brampton Transit Senior Identification Card
  • Step 2: Get your PRESTO card
  • Step 3: Get on the bus and ride!

Seniors must be 65 years of age or older. To book an appointment, seniors can call 905-874-5120 or apply on-line here.​