Get a job today at one of Brampton’s recreational centres

October 13, 2022


City of Brampton Recreation is HIRING for jobs in aquatics, skating and skiing, summer camps, customer service, operations, sports, and many other general programs.

For everyone looking for seasonal jobs with the City of Brampton, the City will be hosting a job fair and offer opportunities in their Recreation department.

Taking place today at the Cassie Campbell Community Centre from 2 to 7 pm, job-seekers will be able to speak with city staff about the roles, learn more about paid training options, potential career paths, and a how-to guide for the job application process.

There will be Recreation positions available in the following areas:

• Aquatics
• Concessions
• Customer service
• Maintenance teams
• Program instruction
• Skating

Additional benefits for these City roles include:

• Flexible schedules that work around other obligations
• Paid training
• Skill development and opportunities to progress
• Access to discounted memberships
• Experience that looks great on a resume to future employers

You can also apply to the roles online, by clicking the areas that interest you.

Bramptonist Staff: