Brampton Library has great new ways to get thousands of ebooks as well as audiobooks and even video, and it’s all free if you have a library card (in good standing, of course).

It’s all brought to you by Brampton Library and OverDrive. OverDrive helps libraries manage their digital content by streamlining licensing and handling all the hosting and storage. They even help libraries grow collections faster than they could on their own, which means you get better stuff, faster.

So how do you get all this good stuff? The OneDrive catalog can be accessed anywhere, at anytime. It’s available 24/7 and all with no late fees. If you want, you can even get OverDrive’s new app, Libby, to use as a reader and viewer on your device.

Even though Libby and OverDrive are easy to use, you may still run into some trouble. If that happens, you can check here for help sheets that are organized by the kind of device you have. Of course, you can also go to a brick-and-mortar Brampton library location to get help if you need it, too.

It’s just that easy. No matter what phone, tablet or computer you have, you’ll be reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks in no time at all, and all for free!