Former Toronto city councillor Giorgio Mammoliti is planning to make a play at a Conservative nomination in a Brampton riding for next October’s federal election, according to CBC Toronto.

Mammoliti was running for re-election in Toronto’s municipal race but lost to fellow city councillor Tony Perruzza. This comes after Doug Ford slashed the number of Toronto council seats in half.

CBC Toronto reports that Mammoliti may seek the nomination in Brampton Centre which is currently held by Liberal MP Ramesh Sangha.

This isn’t Mammoliti’s first play at Brampton politics. He previously planned to run as a PC in Brampton Centre back in June’s provincial election.

It wasn’t received well by Bramptonians, and within days he had withdrawn his name. At the time Mammoliti said it was because he wanted to continue serving his constituents in Toronto.

A career politician by definition, Mammoliti served in the Ontario legislature starting in 1990 as NDP MPP for Yorkview. He switched over to municipal politics in 1997 and has served in Toronto’s Ward 7 since 2000.

Mammoliti has made headlines over the years. He was infamous for his poor attendance at Toronto city hall, having missed  43 per cent of council votes in his last term.

He has a laundry list of other controversial moments over his political career. CBC reported in 2013 that Mammoliti and another city councillor, David Shiner, were getting rent breaks for developers that did business with the city at the time, though Mammoliti denied it.

In 2014, Mammoliti was docked pay for 90 days after the integrity commissioner found that he had accepted $80,000 in cash from a fundraiser thrown by him and his staff.

Currently, Mammoliti has no known connections to Brampton. Should he win the nomination he will go up against Ramesh Sangha who is in his first term as a Liberal MP. The Liberals have a strong Brampton presence at the federal level, having secured all 5 MP spots.

Sources – CBC Toronto