Global-Inspired Fooderies in Brampton

April 3, 2021 (2 Minute Read)

Title Photo – Thinusha Restaurant

Foodies Unite! 

Well, unite with social distancing in mind.

One of the best things about working or living in Brampton is the ability to get global-inspired food right across this beautiful mosaic City.  And with another 28-day lockdown, these fooderies need your help. 

So skip the fast-food drive-through, and head on out to get take-out from the multitude of Brampton’s local restaurants, cafes, delicatessens, grocery stores, food markets and other delightful fooderies.  You won’t be disappointed!

Where to go?  Ask your neighbour, you will be surprised what hidden gems other “locals” Bramptonians know.  Don’t want to ask your neighbour who has been in their pyjamas since the start of the pandemic, then try Brampton’s new Food Guide.

Recently, the City of Brampton teamed up with nine local celebrities, chefs and artists to recommend their favourite food spots.  Overall, there are 93 fooderies recommended.  These suggestions will sure to please you and your family. 

Here are a few examples from the Food Guide:

Pepper Shack
  • Food and Drink Writer Suresh Doss recommends Pepper Shack, located at 143 Clarence St. (near Kennedy Road).  He writes, “This is a must stop for a taste of home-style Caribbean cooking from jerk chicken to pepper shrimp. Run by a husband and wife team, look for daily specials like crawfish cooked in spices, or jerked fish. The sides are not to be missed. Limited seating so it’s best for takeout.”
MJ’s BBQ and Suya
  • Founder of Black Foodie, Eden Hagos, recommends MJ’s BBQ and Suya, located at 361 Parkhurst Square (near Steeles Avenue).  Eden explains, “MJ’s BBQ is a great spot for suya, one of the essential Nigerian foods you must try before you die. A grilled street food consisting of beef cubes marinated in a blend of peanuts, chilli peppers, ginger and spices, suya hits the spot in every way. If you’re really hungry, order it with a side of jollof.”
Tonino’s Pizzeria and Panini
  • Keifer Nazareth, the founder of Mr. Social Eats, suggests Tonino’s Pizzeria and Panini, located at 10088 McLaughlin Rd. (at Bovaird Dr. W.).  He salivates to say, “Authentic Italian food. Tonino’s fresh ingredients, professional staff and spectacular customer service make you feel like you are part of the family, being served mouth-watering Italian classics.”
Danforth Food Market
  • Nutritionist, and President of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce, Andria Barrett naturally identifies the Danforth Food Market, located at 144 Kennedy Road South.  She writes, “This is THE place to shop for groceries from the Caribbean. Kingfish, breadfruit, plantain, thyme, yellow yam and all the spices to remind you of being in the Islands. Danforth Food Market stocks a wide variety of Caribbean, Barbadian, Jamaican, Trinidadian and Guyanese food as well as food from other Caribbean islands.”
New China Garden
  • Actor Kiran Rai lists New China Garden as one of her favourites, located at 200 County Ct. Blvd (at Hurontario St).  She explains, “The vegetarian manchurian is so delicious – you won’t want to put it down. Add that with chilli paneer and it is the perfect place to try Hakka food. They specialize in Indian Style Hakka Chinese Cuisine and have been serving the community for over ten years. Their cooks prepare dishes that are guaranteed to intrigue your taste buds. They pride themselves with exceptional service and excellent presentation.”

There are many other artists and celebrities in the Food Guide, who are recommending fooderies that you will want to check out and take out!

Please visit Peel Region Public Health to learn about Covid-19 and the latest safety measures.