Make way for foodie greatness! Rick Matharu, Season 2 winner of the Food Network’s Recipe to Riches is bringing crispy samosa goodness to Brampton. Rick’s Good Eats has hopped onto the local foodie scene serving up deliciously crispy vegetarian, meat and dessert gourmet samosas and we couldn’t be more excited!

It was Rick’s innovation and knack for transforming traditional dishes that won him Recipe to Riches. His winning dish the Butter Chicken Lasagna wowed Canada, snagging him the votes to ultimately dominate the competition. Rick is bringing this innovation to Brampton with his gourmet samosa popup every Friday at Briskit Gourmet’s Wilkinson location. “Samosas have been done the same potatoes and peas way for so long, so it was time to give them a refresher,” he says. The result of this revelation is a stellar lineup for your tasting pleasure Brampton, check it out!DSC_2459

The epic lineup:

The Butter Chicken Samosa–Chicken thighs marinated, hand shredded, and tossed in a rich and creamy tomato sauce.

The Dosa Samosa–An ode to South India as we recreate the famous stuffing inside of a dosa • potatoes and spinach with whole mustard seeds and curry leaves for a punch of flavour.

The Creamy Channa Masala Samosa–A Sunday classic, remixed in our own way. Traditional channe mixed with potatoes, a little cream cheese, fresh red onions and green chillies. Move over grandma, this is a new classic.

The Punjabi Cheeseburger Samosa–Minced beef marinated with Punjabi spices, mixed with sharp cheddar cheese & a touch of fresh red onions.

The Ras Malai Cheesecake Samosa–A dessert samosa. Cocktail sized samosa’s, stuffed with a cheesecake cardamom filling, finished by tossing in cinnamon sugar.

Rick’s gourmet samosas come from a tried and true family recipe that has been years in the making. “Our family’s samosa recipe was pretty much perfected so we really wanted to share that, but also take it to the next level!” The result is a lineup of perfectly spiced pockets of goodness, with well-balanced flavours, just the right amount of light, crispy pastry. We can’t say enough about the pastry! It’s perfectly flaky; not so much crisp that it completely falls apart, but just enough to satisfy the craving.  No doubt, he has raised the bar high. The common samosa may not cut it anymore!

Now, if you’ve got a sweet tooth like us you’ll want to lean in close. Do your tastebuds a try the Ras Malali Cheesecake Samosa, you won’t be able to eat just one or two! Ras Malali Cheesecake is an ode to traditional Indian sweets, but with Rick’s flare and creativity, they’ve been transformed into something fresh and modern. These delicious creamy bites carry hints of cardamon and saffron and are wrapped in a lighter, flakier dough perfected by Rick’s mother Manjeet: his samosa partner in crime.

DSC_2497Perfecting perfection—that’s what we like to call the Ras Malali Cheesecake Samosa—was a collaborative effort says Rick. “Since I’m not much of a baker I recruited my friend Simmy Jassal of Wake and Bake to collaborate with me on the filling. We created so many trials that would hint at the taste of a traditional ras malai but would also stand alone as its own creation. We finally hit the jackpot at the final product and created these little pockets of addictive goodness,” and addictive they are! Come to think of it, we highly recommend at least a couple dozen. One for the car ride home, and the other for when you actually make it there, you know, if you’ve got a significant other or friend waiting at home they might want to try some too.

DSC_2509“There are a ton of foodies in Brampton but they are always trekking it to downtown Toronto to grab good eats. That was me as well. So when we decided we were going to start doing these pop-ups, doing it in Brampton was a no-brainer,” says Rick. This new and exciting addition to Brampton’s foodie scene has Bramptonist optimistic about both new and existing local food offerings that are interesting, innovative and downright delicious!

You can snag some of Rick’s gourmet samosas his restaurant at 6660 Kennedy Rd.


About Rick’s Good Eats

avatar_e2a63f0dc748_512With an eye for the arts and taste buds for great food, Brampton native Rick Matharu has become a trendsetter in both the entertainment and culinary realms. As the Season 2 winner of the Food Network’s “Recipe to Riches”, Rick’s now famous ‘Butter Chicken Lasagna’ became a President’s Choice product and is distributed Canada-wide in grocery stores. His intention was to highlight the vibrancy and flavours of his childhood to his country as a Punjabi-Canadian.  This has helped catapult Rick into becoming an ambassador for cuisine and the celebrated diversity of Canada.

Find out more about Rick’s Good Eats here.