Julie Guillemet-Ackerman is a marketing professional, wife, mother and creative artist with a sense of humour. She loves to learn and has her business diploma in marketing & communications and additional certificates for graphic design, web and photography. She enjoys being outdoors, reading, making good food and being a mom. Julie wasn’t entirely politically active until she became a mother and was passionately inspired to help make changes for the future.

Always being passionate and mindful of the environment, Julie is constantly looking for simple solutions to reduce her carbon footprint, change ingrained habits and live a clean healthier life as a family. She values community support and helping others and has volunteered helping those in need in her direct neighbourhood.

Julie is bothered by the lack of integrity and true commitment the government has attempted towards the environment and its people so far. As a working mom, raising a family – Julie wants better for her family’s future.

Julie believes the Green Party is the path to Ontario’s prosperity in the future. Their approach in placing environment first is essential to a solid foundation for the future – without a clean, safe place to live – nothing else really matters.